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The Nama gallery was established in 1990, by the late Mr. Meir Harcavi, a collector and patron of the arts, who set its calling as a home for high quality pluralistic art. The gallery's collection is varied and of high quality, and should appeal to any true art-lover.
The gallery's collection holds, among others, paintings by Uri Stettner, Batia Lishansky, Haim Bargal, Robert Bazer, Modi Elias, Henri Macceroni, Dorit Feldman, Hanna Ben-dov, Shmuel Tepler, Ruth Schlos, Menahem Lamberger, Osias Hofstatter, Carlos Montanyez, Zahava Masser, Judith Har-even, Steffa Reis, Oded Feingersh, Richar Bilan, Josef Luban and many more. The whole collection in the gallery can be visited by appointment only. We will be happy to meet you and get to know you – please contact us via telephone, fax or mail.



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