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About Nama Gallery

The Nama Gallery was founded in 1990 by the late Mr. Meir Harcavi, which was a collector and a patron of the arts. The Gallery’s beginning was in the Ra’a’nana industrial area, which critics named “the new Soho”.

As it turned out, the Ra’a’nana “Soho” was ahead of its time and the gallery moved to Tel-Aviv, via Ramat-Hasharon, in 1993. The late Meir Harcavi was a daring visionary, something which was also reflected in his perspective on art. The purpose of the gallery, as defined by him, is to present pluralistic high-quality Israeli art, with no focus on a specific branch or type of art – the only criterion for displaying a work of art being its artistic quality.

Each and every work accepted into the gallery’s collection was examined by Mr. Harcavi in person, with the sensitive eyes and unique observation with which he was blessed, together with a deep and comprehensive understanding of art.

This was also the method of inspection of all works of art displayed in the many exhibitions held in the gallery over the years, featuring both young and veteran artists. Many art students, accompanied by their teachers, visited the gallery over the years, benefitting from the late Mr. Harcavi’s educated critique regarding the works on display in the gallery, and art in general.

The gallery’s collection is extremely varied, in accordance with the pluralist artistic style set by its founder. The collection includes works of art by Israeli and European artists, of different styles and from different periods, creating a unique mosaic of art at its best.

You are more than welcome to visit the virtual gallery presented in this site, displaying only a part of our collection – and the gallery itself, where the whole collection is on display, by appointment only. Please contact us via telephone, fax or email.




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